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CCleaner – keep your PC clean!

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a free application designed to clean up temporally files left by user applications.Some of them are just temporally system files, some of them are cookies a log files left by your web-browser.  If you don’t have any privacy concerns, you still may want remove temporally files to free up some space on your hard drive. This application is updated monthly, first version have been released in 2004. For a past 6 years developers have been doing an amazing job!

We had customers who never cleaned their PC from the purchase day. With a CCleaner we were able to remove as much as 3Gb of temporally files!

Another nice feature of the CCleaner – it offers a system registry clean up too. So you can locate and remove corrupted key in the windows registry. That doesn’t really speed up your computer, but will avoid some potential issues with newly installed applications.

Let’s Rock!

Fist you will need to download it. You can find the latest version of the application >> here <<. Make sure that you choose to install CCleaner only. You don’t have to install any Toolbars or Chrom if offered. CCleaner is free, so look like developers making money on supplying additional products with CCleaner. So pay attention during the installation.

This is how the main window of the application looks like.

Application has a friendly user interface. And most things are self-explanatory. On the first Tab “Cleaner” you need to click on the button “Run Cleaner” and wait. If you didn’t clean you PC for a years, you’d better get a coffee  🙂

!!! Attention !!! For not-experience users, I would not touch any options there. Advanced users might find some interesting things there. Be careful, you might end up cleaning more then you really need to.

On the second tab you can clean up system registry.

Make sure to ran a “Run Cleaner” on the fist tab first. Here you will need to click on “Scan for Issues” and then on “Fix selected issues..”

You will need to repeat last step 2 or 3 times and make sure that “Issues list” has not more then one item after you press “Scan for Issues”. That’s all here! Registry is clean.

For Windows Vista/ Windows 7 Only

Now we will perform some additional cleaning. Click on the “Options” tab.

Click on “Include” and “Add”.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 keeps all downloaded updated in the folder “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\”.  It takes almost a 1 Gb of space if Windows stores on your hard drive all updates released for Windows 7 and almost 2Gb for Windows Vista. We will delete these files. You will not need to install same update twice.

Click on “Browse” and select the following path “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\”. In the “Options” choose “Include files and subfolders”.

Now click OK, go on the first tab “Cleaner” and run a clean up one more time and see how much free space you got.

I home this small guide will help you to keep your PC faster and cleaner. Good luck!