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Bypass Fan Controller

I have noticed in a lot of laptops including DELL XPS M1710 and HP Pavilion dv2000 dv4000 dv6000 dv8000 dv9000, the fan stops working causing your CPU system and video chip to overheat and shut off. If this problem does not come from the broken fan itself, which can be test easily by putting 5 volts to the black and red wire, then you can assure that the fan controller is bad. Most likely people will replace the motherboard for this issue but I will show you a way to fix this up instead of replacing the motherboard and save some money.

It is easy to bypass your fan controller by finding a chip on the motherboard that supplies 5 volts or 3votls. Make sure that the power chip only supplies the volts when the system is turned on, you don’t want your fan to run when you have your laptop turned off :).

Look at the picture above you can see on this model dv4000 I found a 5 volt chip close to the fan connector. All I did was run a wire from the positive to the chip and solder it on. By leaving it in the connector the fan is grounded. The downside is that the fan will run all the time when the laptop is turned on.  There are 2 ways to connect your fan to a 5volt which will run the fan at top speed or 3 volt making the fan running a little slower and quieter it is up to you. I hope this has helped you.