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Laptop Repair 911 Video

CCleaner – keep your PC clean!

What is CCleaner? CCleaner is a free application designed to clean up temporally files left by user applications.Some of them are just temporally system files, some of them are cookies a log files left by your web-browser.  If you don’t have any privacy concerns, you still may want remove temporally files to free up some […]

Bypass Fan Controller

I have noticed in a lot of laptops including DELL XPS M1710 and HP Pavilion dv2000 dv4000 dv6000 dv8000 dv9000, the fan stops working causing your CPU system and video chip to overheat and shut off. If this problem does not come from the broken fan itself, which can be test easily by putting 5 […]

Post your computer problems here, when can make a repair instruction video when we have a chance.

Please use the text box located below and send me your Laptop Brand/Model together with any issue your computer is having. Be more details and specific as possible because it will help us to identify all possible problems so we can give you our best advises. If you are a repair tech, please let us […]